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DS5: The Role of Tech in the Mortgage Process

Austin Niemiec, EVP, Quicken Loans Mortgage Services discusses what the industry can do to protect homeowners from foreclosure once they exit forbearance. The post DS5: The Role

June 07, 2020 Real Estate News

Non-Weather Home Damage Risk Heightened

With more Americans spending time at home, damage from faulty pipes, valves, faucets, hoses, and appliances is likely to increase according to a new report.

June 41, 2020 Real Estate News

The Week Ahead: Talking COVID-19 and Regulation

Join industry leaders in a webinar to discuss the challenges currently surrounding COVID-19, federal regulations, foreclosure moratoriums, REO, and tech. The post The Week Ahead:

June 19, 2020 Real Estate News

FHFA Releases Annual Update on Conservatorship and Securities

The report makes recommendations to Congress about potential legislation to enhance the safety and soundness of the regulated entities and move our nation toward a

June 39, 2020 Real Estate News

DS5: Re-Evaluating the Mortgage Business

In this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, Raman Muralidharan, Head of Mortgage for HSBC discusses how servicers can assist homeowners leaving forbearance plans. The

June 56, 2020 Real Estate News

Disaster Response During a Challenging Summer

When it comes to strategically managing natural disaster response this year, the IRS casualty loss program may have a critical part to play. The post

June 38, 2020 Real Estate News

Single-Family Rental Prices Slow This Spring

SFR prices decelerated among all price levels this spring, but they continued to grow in most major metros. The post Single-Family Rental Prices Slow This

June 01, 2020 Real Estate News

DS5: Optimism in Mortgage Servicing

In this installment of DS5: Inside the Industry, Stanley Middleman, the CEO for Freedom Mortgage Corporation delves into how the mortgage industry can best assist homeowners

June 48, 2020 Real Estate News
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