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Schiller, Knapp, Lefkowitz & Hertzel Promotes Gregory J. Sanda

Sanda handles the firm’s complex foreclosure litigation and eviction departments, as well as focusing on commercial mortgage foreclosures, appellate work, and commercial litigation. The post

April 05, 2019 Real Estate News

HUD Announces Disaster Assistance for Iowa, Nebraska Floods

HUD will provide foreclosure relief and other measures for the two midwest states in the wake of catastrophic flooding. More details here. The post HUD

April 08, 2019 Real Estate News

Closepin Announces Digital Closing Tool

Closepin announced the launch of a tool which assists mortgage lenders in their efforts to conduct fully-digital closings. The post Closepin Announces Digital Closing Tool

April 42, 2019 Real Estate News

Blend Launches Digital Account Opening Tech

Blend recently announced the launch of its deposit account offering. The new product enables Blend customers to offer a digital account opening experience to consumers

April 36, 2019 Real Estate News

HUD Secretary Benjamin Carson Responds to DACA Mortgage Questions

During a hearing before the House Committee on Appropriations to present HUD’s budget plans, HUD Secretary Ben Carson addressed DACA FHA loan concerns and more.

April 44, 2019 Real Estate News

Varma Penmatsa Talks Fannie Mae and Fintech

Varma Penmatsa, VP, Digital Products and Servicing, Fannie Mae, spoke to DS News on why it was important to engage customers to build and implement

April 36, 2019 Real Estate News

Real Estate Taxes by City

Real estate taxes vary from city to city, and a recent report takes a look at where taxes are lowest and highest. What are the

April 07, 2019 Real Estate News

Gateway Mortgage Names Gerald Buckley Digital Marketing Executive

Buckley will be responsible for driving implementation, operationalization and ongoing delivery of Gateway’s digital channel strategy. The post Gateway Mortgage Names Gerald Buckley Digital Marketing

March 26, 2019 Real Estate News
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