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Homeownership Tax Benefits Must Be Preserved, Say Realtors®

Any changes to the mortgage interest deduction now or in the future could threaten recent progress toward stabilizing the housing market, critically erode home prices

July 42, 2011 Real Estate News

Realtors Urge Action on Debt Ceiling

“The National Association of Realtors®, on behalf of its 1.1 million members, their clients and customers, and the nation’s 75 million homeowners, urges Congress to

July 47, 2011 Real Estate News

Are You Typical?

Check out stats on Realtor® business activities from the 2011 Member Profile and find out. Research Commentary from

July 04, 2011 Real Estate News

Where Does All Your Money Go?

Home prices and interest rates are both really low, making now a great time to buy a home. In an economy where […] Mortgage Match

July 49, 2011 Real Estate News

Creditworthy Homebuyers and Mortgage Financing

The pendulum on mortgage credit has swung too far in the other direction after the recent housing downturn and is putting an unnecessary burden on

July 14, 2011 Real Estate News

Move Career Spotlight: QA Developer

Interested in working at a fast-paced company that is dialed in to the latest trends in real estate and technology? Look no further than Move,

July 48, 2011 Real Estate News

Facts Deflect Recent MID Attacks

In the debate over the debt ceiling, there has been some talk that the mortgage interest deduction, or some portion of it, could be cut.

July 31, 2011 Real Estate News

Video: Economic Wildcards that Could Affect the Market

Lawrence Yun discusses his forecasts for the remainder of 2011 and into 2012, including a look forward at new homes sales, jobs, and economic “wild

July 17, 2011 Real Estate News
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