Pending Home Sales Rise in June

Pending home sales increased, following a wide swing down in April and then up in May. Latest News from the National Association of REALTORS®

July 31, 2011 Real Estate News

Congress closing in on a deal to avert US default

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Senate plunged on Sunday into what many lawmakers and the White House — and millions of Americans coast to coast

July 31, 2011 Banking

Homeownership Tax Benefits Must Be Preserved, Say Realtors®

Any changes to the mortgage interest deduction now or in the future could threaten recent progress toward stabilizing the housing market, critically erode home prices

July 31, 2011 Real Estate News

Late attempt at debt-limit deal to avert default

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House and Republican congressional leaders made significant progress toward a deal to avert a potentially catastrophic first-ever government default threatened

July 31, 2011 Banking

The Math Behind the Mortgage Interest Deduction

What many consider to be a staple of American homeownership is expected to be on the chopping block as lawmakers in Washington look to trim

July 31, 2011 Banking

Realtors Urge Action on Debt Ceiling

“The National Association of Realtors®, on behalf of its 1.1 million members, their clients and customers, and the nation’s 75 million homeowners, urges Congress to

July 31, 2011 Real Estate News

Late stab at debt-limit deal to avert US default

WASHINGTON (AP) — After weeks of intense partisanship, Republican congressional leaders and President Barack Obama made a last-minute stab at compromise Saturday to avoid a

July 30, 2011 Banking

Are You Typical?

Check out stats on Realtor® business activities from the 2011 Member Profile and find out. Research Commentary from

July 30, 2011 Real Estate News
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